Seriously…Does Anyone Get It?

Yesterday as I was working on my blog posts and my program a day, I added someone I thought I knew on Skype.  It was someone from India. I should have known better.  Being the nice person that I am, I accepted the friend request and let him talk to me.  He asked me if I had any programming work. I responded, “No, I’ve been unemployed for nearly Read more […]

To be successful, you cannot do it in a vacuum.

I know this to be true. You have to have people around you to be successful. The ladder to the top is not a ladder of people you step on but a ladder of people who push you upwards.  I’ve lost that ladder.  Whether of my own doing or other people’s doing. I guess it comes down to me not reaching out tot he right people. It might also be a case Read more […]


I sat down with a potential partner today.   We talked about a partnership on a piece of software she’s already started. We talked about the future and what could happen.  We even discussed Steve Jobs and what he meant to Apple. She told me that someone at a meeting for start-up companies had told her she needed to find a developer who loved horses. Read more […]