How Come My Programmer is Taking So Long?

This morning I could not find a blog to read for the life of me. Since I have other reading that I need to get done, I decided to read my copy of Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable  Object-Oriented Software by a group of programmers known in the industry as The Gang of Four. This book is a classic and pretty much required reading by programmers Read more […]

Long Term Philosophy

I went back and reread what I wrote in Kaizen and The Toyota Way. Actually I reread the 14 Toyota Way Principles described in the book The Toyota Way. The first principle is noted as the following in the executive summary I posted. Principle 1. Base your management decisions on a long-term philosophy, even at the expense of short-term financial goals. This Read more […]

When Your Flinch is Broken

Today I found this free book put out by Julien Smith based on an article that Jonathan Fields put on his blog. I downloaded it on my PC Kindle (and I really want a Kindle Fire). I haven’t put it down yet.  The book is a perfect follow up for my article Learn by Mistake.  I think it explains why learning by mistake works as well as how to help yourself Read more […]

Amazon Kindle Reviews

This morning I read an article Premium Content: Value, Work, and Access from Stephen P Smith about what he’s doing to change his focus from his blog to his coaching outlets.  Interesting to say the least. But what caught my eye was the Amazon Kindle Review link he pointed out. It just goes to show you that I sometimes get so focused in on my own work Read more […]

Learn by Mistake

This morning I read Creating a Mistake Making Policy. It reminded me of this old motto that I’ve had this motto stuck in my head for years. The author makes some good comments regarding what a lack of being tolerant to mistakes does to a team. Basically it comes to the point where people cannot be trusted because they are afraid they will be caught Read more […]

“Pull it out your ass” is Not a Design Method

Today I saw a quote on Twitter that gave me whiplash. It follows here: RT @mike_acton: #gamedev “Pull it out your ass” is not a design method. We need to have a reason for everything we do. Pretty shocking words but very appropriate to programming in general. Most people outside of the business think programmers spend a lot of useless time not Read more […]

Explaining State in Applications

I glanced over a number of blogs to read this morning but one caught my interest based on it’s topic (Game Animation & State Change) and the website where it was located. Growing Game Animation – State Change and Pathing appealed to a topic I’ll be writing about in another category called “What is that programmer talking about?”  I know that sometimes Read more […]

The Business of Blogging Referrals and Marketing

This morning I made a quick trip to my friend Micheal Martine’s Remarkablogger blog to read an article he brought back from his archives.  Are Referrals More Important to Your Online Business than Strangers? is a great read and the conversation that follows adds to the content of the article. The thing I like about Micheal’s writing is that he gets Read more […]

Lessons Learned

I took a reading stroll over to Tech Crunch this morning to read Six Lessons in Entrepreneurship. After reading it, I feel like I can relate to the first lesson. Get Everything in Writing. It doesn’t mean the other 5 lessons aren’t important, just that I haven’t quite gotten to that point. As I look back to projects past, most companies and contracts Read more […]

Website Evaluation: Selecta Switch

Description: Selecta Switch is a business to business website. They supply other companies with a variety of batteries, light switches and related products to internet shoppers. I believe they are a wholesale company but the website does not make it clear. Personal Selections: The website allows visitors to browse their product catalog to view the Read more […]