Why are Programmers so Expensive?

I was browsing through Facebook when a graphic artist friend of mine posted this link: Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”  While this article only covered overhead costs, it got me to thinking about what programmers charge and why. Bear in mind these concepts can apply to any service industry. Overhead Probably the first thing Read more […]

Sudden Realizations About Great Work and Epic Wins

I’ve been reading this book called “Do More Great Work”. I had a sudden epiphany 2 days ago while working through some code. I finally got some data to display through the interface in an appropriate manner. I felt elated and relieved at the same time. The work was challenging but I accomplished it.  I realized at that moment that I loved that feeling. In Read more […]

You Are What You Say

Recently I got caught up in a very public argument with a pet rescue organization. I won’t go over the sordid background details just suffice it to say miscommunication on both sides resulted in a very public conversation. In looking back over the public comments on the site, all of us involved forgot to think. I’ve been on the internet for nearly 16 Read more […]

Why doesn’t my programmer answer all my phone calls and emails immediately?

Good morning everyone, well at least where I live as I write this article. I just read a blog post entitled Why do programmers work at night? I have been known to program at night but not recently because I tend to work too many hours. As I read the article one idea jumped from the page. A concept started by Paul Graham regarding the “maker’s schedule”. Read more […]