What makes a good programmer? Lecture by Richard Buckland at UNSW

If you are looking to hire a programmer, you should watch this video about what makes a good programmer. Not because you want to be a programmer but so you understand what it takes to become a good programmer – experience. Read more […]

How to Tell if Your Website Project is Not Just Static Pages

I see craigslist, v-worker, e-lance posts for web designers to build them a website with “static” pages. Frequently, I read the description and I know immediately what the client is asking for is not a static website. So, how do you tell if your website project is a static website or a dynamic website. The first thing to do is understand the difference Read more […]

How Fast Food Joints Are Like Programming Gigs

About 3 weeks ago my dear daughter got her first job. She is working for a fast food restaurant called “Jack in the Box’.  I remember my teenage and college years. Working for McDonald’s paid for my clothes, food and a variety of items that I felt were necessary.  We went to work, did our jobs and went home or to school while forgetting about all Read more […]