Yes Virginia, You Do Test Your Unit Tests

I had a newb programmer ask me quite some time ago “If you have to test your code, don’t you have to test your unit tests? If you do, how does that work because then you have to test the test that tested the code.”  At the time I and another developer kinda fumbled around for a real answer.  And of course what happens to me is that here I am a long Read more […]

My Code/Webpage Review Template

Sometime ago, I created a template for reviewing pages within a project. It originally started as a code review document but kinda went a little different because normally code reviews didn’t include all of the things that needed to come out so that the junior programmers could learn from the document..  So here is an example of that document. It’s Read more […]

The Insertion Sort

Another comparison sort of an array s the Insertion Sort. During an Insertion sort, an element is removed from the input data on each reptition. It is inserted into the correct position in an already-sorted list until no input elements remain.  It’s not actually the best way to sort a list but it’s fine for small lists. Insertion Sort In PHP it would Read more […]

That Old Feelin – Your Spidey Sense at Work

Sometimes when you look at a possible solution or someone on your team describes a possible solution, your spidey sense starts tingling and you just know something is not right about the problem. A lot of times you can’t put your feeling on it. When in doubt you probably need to trust yourself. Of course sometimes you’ll get overridden by other people Read more […]

Taking it a Little Farther – Judging Websites

I decided I better keep up with my morning readathon which I obviously have not been keeping to this schedule. So to kick things off again, I read Judging Websites by Jeff Atwood over at his Coding Horror blog this morning. He got invited to judge some web apps for the Rails Rumble which is a distributed programming competition where teams of one to Read more […]

Are You Blocking Your Developers?

While we as developers know where the paycheck comes from, we also know that sometimes the guy writing the check isn’t always right.  I know because I’ve been there. We start a project with the best intentions of producing exactly the product that you’d like for your company whether it’s a piece of desktop or networked software or a big data driven Read more […]

What Requirements?

After years of working on various projects nothing hits home faster than the need for understanding project requirements.  I’ve been through several situations where I worked very very hard on an application and got the interface ready. I show it to the stakeholder/client/users and there is no sudden applause for what a great piece of software I’ve Read more […]

What’s the Problem with Cowboy Programming?

If you’ve ever worked on a project with a cowboy programmer who goes off and does his own thing without consulting the team and writes code from the hip you’ll know what I’m talking about. Cowboy programmers are the guys that work to get the demanded results without thinking about the consequences of what they’re doing. They hack together programs by Read more […]