My Code/Webpage Review Template

Sometime ago, I created a template for reviewing pages within a project. It originally started as a code review document but kinda went a little different because normally code reviews didn’t include all of the things that needed to come out so that the junior programmers could learn from the document..  So here is an example of that document. It’s Read more […]

That Old Feelin – Your Spidey Sense at Work

Sometimes when you look at a possible solution or someone on your team describes a possible solution, your spidey sense starts tingling and you just know something is not right about the problem. A lot of times you can’t put your feeling on it. When in doubt you probably need to trust yourself. Of course sometimes you’ll get overridden by other people Read more […]

What Requirements?

After years of working on various projects nothing hits home faster than the need for understanding project requirements.  I’ve been through several situations where I worked very very hard on an application and got the interface ready. I show it to the stakeholder/client/users and there is no sudden applause for what a great piece of software I’ve Read more […]

Justifying Software Feature Requirements

I’m currently working on a project team moving towards and using the Agile Development Process. Something has recently come up that is a good topic for discussion both from the developers viewpoint and the stakeholder (person/company paying for development).  Just to make this clear, this project has a lot of potential.  It also has a limited budget. Read more […]

Valve Game Company Values : Helping People Do Great Work

I’ve read this book Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork. Start the Work That Matters by Michael Stanier. Stanier’s book supports the idea of searching out the work that truly inspires you and makes you feel useful and productive.  Definitely a good book.  This is truly an important concept for most of us and frequently forgotten.  It is what makes Read more […]

Why A Programmer Does Not Want Your Project

A couple of months ago I took a phone call from a potential client. His project entailed a custom eCommerce cart for a travel agency.  He wanted to be able to have customers come online and book their vacations through his website with their credit card. He was trying to take control of his business rather than have it outsourced to a third party. Read more […]

Sudden Realizations About Great Work and Epic Wins

I’ve been reading this book called “Do More Great Work”. I had a sudden epiphany 2 days ago while working through some code. I finally got some data to display through the interface in an appropriate manner. I felt elated and relieved at the same time. The work was challenging but I accomplished it.  I realized at that moment that I loved that feeling. In Read more […]

You Are What You Say

Recently I got caught up in a very public argument with a pet rescue organization. I won’t go over the sordid background details just suffice it to say miscommunication on both sides resulted in a very public conversation. In looking back over the public comments on the site, all of us involved forgot to think. I’ve been on the internet for nearly 16 Read more […]

Seriously…Does Anyone Get It?

Yesterday as I was working on my blog posts and my program a day, I added someone I thought I knew on Skype.  It was someone from India. I should have known better.  Being the nice person that I am, I accepted the friend request and let him talk to me.  He asked me if I had any programming work. I responded, “No, I’ve been unemployed for nearly Read more […]


I sat down with a potential partner today.   We talked about a partnership on a piece of software she’s already started. We talked about the future and what could happen.  We even discussed Steve Jobs and what he meant to Apple. She told me that someone at a meeting for start-up companies had told her she needed to find a developer who loved horses. Read more […]