How to Sabotage your Project in 5 Easy Steps

As I look back some of the projects I worked on, I noted that they had mistakes made early in the project that slowed them down and kept them from being the application could have been by the time the stakeholder closed the doors on them. Some of the mistakes were on the part of the developers but other mistakes were on the part of the stakeholder. If Read more […]

Are You Blocking Your Developers?

While we as developers know where the paycheck comes from, we also know that sometimes the guy writing the check isn’t always right.  I know because I’ve been there. We start a project with the best intentions of producing exactly the product that you’d like for your company whether it’s a piece of desktop or networked software or a big data driven Read more […]

What Requirements?

After years of working on various projects nothing hits home faster than the need for understanding project requirements.  I’ve been through several situations where I worked very very hard on an application and got the interface ready. I show it to the stakeholder/client/users and there is no sudden applause for what a great piece of software I’ve Read more […]

How to Tell if Your Website Project is Not Just Static Pages

I see craigslist, v-worker, e-lance posts for web designers to build them a website with “static” pages. Frequently, I read the description and I know immediately what the client is asking for is not a static website. So, how do you tell if your website project is a static website or a dynamic website. The first thing to do is understand the difference Read more […]

How Fast Food Joints Are Like Programming Gigs

About 3 weeks ago my dear daughter got her first job. She is working for a fast food restaurant called “Jack in the Box’.  I remember my teenage and college years. Working for McDonald’s paid for my clothes, food and a variety of items that I felt were necessary.  We went to work, did our jobs and went home or to school while forgetting about all Read more […]

The Portfolio Argument – You’re not doing us a favor

I was browsing through Craigslist looking for ideas for projects to build when I came across this advertisement for a Yoga instructor.  At first glance, I thought nothing of it. It’s like a lot of small time sole proprietorship and service providers. I probably fall within those bounds myself since I am also a service provider (I provide programming Read more […]

Justifying Software Feature Requirements

I’m currently working on a project team moving towards and using the Agile Development Process. Something has recently come up that is a good topic for discussion both from the developers viewpoint and the stakeholder (person/company paying for development).  Just to make this clear, this project has a lot of potential.  It also has a limited budget. Read more […]