8 Things I Hate and Like About MS Dynamics CRM

I’ve been working with MS Dynamics CRM Online (the subscription version) for about 9 months now.  I’ve come to hate and like parts about it.  That is the nature of working with these types of complex systems. It’s always to get through the bad stuff before you get to the good stuff.  So without further ado, the bad: Building workflows through Read more […]

Book Review: 8 Hour Bestseller

Normally I only write about programming books and programming. I have been thinking about writing a book to put on the Kindle platform. I went on a search and decided on this book by Tim Castleman called 8 Hour Bestseller: How to Write Your Bestselling Book in Record Time.  I know, I know the name is kinda cheesey like a lot of books out there.  The Read more […]

Finding Last 2 Dated Columns – SQL Ranking

Once again, I need to use the Transact -SQL  Rank in a query.  I must be going senile because I always have to review this function.  I don’t always use it but it comes in handy when I get asked to find the last X recorded values. Last nearly always means dated.  So just to save time looking for how to do this appropriately, I  am writing down Read more […]

2 Years of SQL Stored Procedures

It has been 2 years since my last post. Well that sounds like a confession you would give to a priest.  I guess that’s ok though.  Two years ago I was finishing up a PHP project where I had rewritten the backend of a poorly designed customer relationship management system. Well, poorly designed is a misnomer.  It was more of a prototype to what could Read more […]

How to Sabotage your Project in 5 Easy Steps

As I look back some of the projects I worked on, I noted that they had mistakes made early in the project that slowed them down and kept them from being the application could have been by the time the stakeholder closed the doors on them. Some of the mistakes were on the part of the developers but other mistakes were on the part of the stakeholder. If Read more […]

Notes On Guy Kawasaki’s 12 Lessons

1. Experts are clueless. Figure stuff out yourself. 2. Customers cannot tell you what they need. They describe things in terms of better, cheaper, faster status quo etc… they don’t know innovation 3. Biggest challenges beget the best work. Huge challenges are what people rise to do their best work of their career. 4. Design counts. Not price.. Read more […]

Yes Virginia, You Do Test Your Unit Tests

I had a newb programmer ask me quite some time ago “If you have to test your code, don’t you have to test your unit tests? If you do, how does that work because then you have to test the test that tested the code.”  At the time I and another developer kinda fumbled around for a real answer.  And of course what happens to me is that here I am a long Read more […]

My Code/Webpage Review Template

Sometime ago, I created a template for reviewing pages within a project. It originally started as a code review document but kinda went a little different because normally code reviews didn’t include all of the things that needed to come out so that the junior programmers could learn from the document..  So here is an example of that document. It’s Read more […]

The Insertion Sort

Another comparison sort of an array s the Insertion Sort. During an Insertion sort, an element is removed from the input data on each reptition. It is inserted into the correct position in an already-sorted list until no input elements remain.  It’s not actually the best way to sort a list but it’s fine for small lists. Insertion Sort In PHP it would Read more […]