Useful MS Dynamics CRM Tools Part 1

I decided to start  a list of useful tools and articles that I find each week.

Today I was working on something that I needed to do at work.  I have a workflow that I built kind of after the fact.  It is a workflow that is triggered on a field update. I am turning off another workflow that updates that field but I still needed to kick off this workflow. The following article & tool helped me get this going without a tedious process.  (It updates the QueueItem entity which has no bulk selection triggering a workflow.)

Step By Step running On-demand workflow for all active records

The tool: MSCRM Toolkit

Since I’m using Wait Conditions, I went searching for a best practices type of article and found the following which is about CRM 2011 but I think still holds true most of the time.

Workflow Wait Conditions: Best Practices – Dynamics CRM 2011

And another good article on Wait Conditions and Timeouts from the Power Objects people.

Multiple Waiting Workflows when Wait Conditions and Timeouts Are Triggered on Field Change

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